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Tell a better story and
more people will listen.

Brainsells helps commercial and non-profit organisations tell engaging stories about their customers, products, services and people. We specialise in talking to technical experts about their work. The content we create supports marketing and sales activity and assists with project evaluation.

Positioning your organisation

Would you like to gain another perspective through an objective review of your activities? Do you want to know how you compare with competitors in specific areas?
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Showing your solutions work

Do you have the time and resources to research and write accurate and meaningful content that illustrates the value of what you provide to customers and stakeholders?
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Expanding in-house skills

Reading, writing, listening and speaking are important across all areas of the work environment. Would you like to reinforce such skills within your organisation through customised training?
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“Thank you for your contribution. You quickly got to grips with the organisation and the project, and produced a high-quality publication to a very tight deadline.”
Communications Manager, Not-for-profit agency